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Have you written a book? If you are an author who wants to be taken seriously, read on...

There are more opportunities for authors now than ever before, which means many more books in the marketplace. How can you make sure that your book will get the attention it deserves?

Believe it or not, there are at least ten different ways to pursue increased book sales. To become familiar with these book marketing methods and how to integrate them for strategic advantage, consider Author Connections.

The Author Connections mission is to help celebrate your book and promote it to as many readers as possible. Every book is a journey, and the marketing portion of that journey can determine success vs. obscurity. With Author Connections, your book has a distinct advantage over other titles. Collaborate with an experienced editor and marketing advisor who works with you 1-1 on your content goals. 

If you'd like to take advantage of editing and/or marketing support for your book, please click here to complete our 2020 Author Survey. Feel free to also check out the Author Services page on this site, for specific details about how we can help you.

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