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"A great literary editor wears many hats. He/She is a therapist, a supporter and cheerleader, a wordsmith and a clairvoyant. Like a loving and caring parent, a great editor molds and enhances a piece of writing while all along never making the author think that the work is anything but their own. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with literary editor, Beth Kallman Werner of Author Connections, and she so impressed me that I compared her to legendary editor Maxwell Perkins, the genius behind such literary giants as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Thomas Wolfe. She took my characters and enhanced and developed them in a way that took my breath away. She found inner traits and characteristics that were inside my characters, but which I failed to unearth. She took my story, a twisted and confused tale, and made it flow like a Lord Byron poem. I highly, highly recommend this wonderful lady and editor and cannot wait to work on future projects with her.” - Joseph Sciuto, author of HOLLYWOOD RIPTIDE

"As I embark on the production of my next book, I am reminded of the great relationship my wife and I have with Beth Kallman Werner, the editor of my current work. We partnered with Beth on my third novel in a marketing capacity and as a favor, she agreed to review the book. After a thorough inspection… I secured Beth’s services as the editor of the book I was writing at the time. Fast forward from 2013 to now and the book has earned two national awards and the sales have exceeded our most far-reaching expectations. We agreed that having Beth aboard as a full partner made the book she edited better than the three previous novels. I can honestly say that Beth is carving her reputation as the “go-to” editor for independently published authors and helping them become aggressive in the highly competitive publishing industry. I am blessed to be one of the writers whose art has improved because of the influence of Beth Kallman Werner, much in the same manner the greatest editor of all time, Max Perkins, impacted Hemingway, Rawlings, Fitzgerald, and Lardner. Proud to be an FOB---Friend of Beth!” - Marc Curtis Little, author of AFTER OBAMA, MAGNIFICENT REDEMPTION, FAITHFUL SERVANTS, and other titles.

"I am absolutely amazed at the way Beth handled my marketing project. She has such wonderful energy and uses it to a degree unmatched by others in the business. Beth maintained contact and updated me on the progress and direction of my Marketing Plan right from the first day. She is a perfectionist and a master of research; no stone was unturned, no theory was missed. My book now has the best chance of becoming a bestseller because of Beth's time and determination to put together a plan designed for my needs. Thank you Beth Kallman Werner, I'll be back, and if word of mouth has any merit at all, you will be busy, because I will make sure everyone I know, knows about you." - Robert (BawB) Chomany, author of BawB's Raven Feathers

"It was a delight for me to have been introduced to Author Connections through the USC LA Festival of Books. The very first thing that struck me was Beth's enthusiasm, sincere generosity, and absolute up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing publishing industry, along with her contacts and reputation... I was TRULY educated through several conversations which she graciously granted me. I recommend Author Connections to anyone who is genuinely interested in getting it right from the start and avoiding a wild goose chase in the confusing and evolving publishing world." - Hassan FARAZIAN Ph.D

“Beth Werner, President at Author Connections, is an extraordinary professional in both editing and marketing who exudes her love for writers and writing. Always a positive experience and well worth the wisdom.” - Skylar Lark, author of THE COST OF LIVING

“I did extensive searching of the web for a marketing specialist that would be best suited for my book, ONE MOMENT WITH GOD. I came across an interesting website, Author Connections, Founder & President Beth Kallman Werner. Reading her credentials, I was very impressed with the passion Beth shows to her clients. She is the person I was hoping to find. Beth has taken the time to work out a detailed marketing plan. I am extremely happy with her suggestions and her assistance in the marketing process. Her honesty, integrity and her marketing expertise are the upmost.” - Ridgley B Merritt, Jr., author of ONE MOMENT WITH GOD

"I was fortunate to make a connection through an intermediary with Beth Werner and Author Connections (AC). I am a physician who has written a first novel - a medical mystery/thriller entitled, ANAPHYLAXIS. AC was able to complete some needed editing before I sent the manuscript to agents, and the work was done, not only promptly, but with meticulous, excellent skill. Author Connections is clearly a wonderful asset to have on your side while forging through the maze of getting published." - Alan Wanderer, MD,  Author of ANAPHYLAXIS

"My experience with Author Connections rated an A+. Beth Werner is both knowledgeable and accessible. This combination of qualities makes her company very effective. First a few comments on the process. Obviously I hoped for a comprehensive plan but even more important for me was to have an individualized approach. I did not want to spend time or money on things I had already done. I was very impressed with Beth’s willingness and desire to spend time in preliminary discussions to find out what was already working and what areas were not giving results or had not yet been explored. Similarly, when the plan was done and in hand, the service includes a phone conference where we could go over the plan in detail and I could have a chance to question and clarify. Next some comments on the content. The content of the integrated marketing plan I received from Author Connections was extensive. It addressed all areas of marketing and enabled me to build a more solid platform. It filled in gaps that Beth and I both identified and covered all important areas. Most important, it had specific suggestions, recommendations and contact information for implementation. AC has many useful contacts from Beth's years of experience and as a client you do indeed receive “author connections”. The Custom Book Marketing Plan (CBMP) that AC built for my books corrected deficiencies in my marketing approach, built on my strengths and took me to a whole new level. In conclusion, becoming a client of Author Connections and having Beth Kallman Werner prepare an integrated marketing plan is something I can highly recommend to anyone. She is easy and pleasant to work with and extremely generous with her expertise. AC's plan format is very comprehensive and Beth readily expands certain areas as needed and researches particular opportunities. She is very forward thinking. Her recommendations in social media area are spot on and she is full of ideas and info on E books and ideas for application designs. As I told Beth at the conclusion of our plan review, all the positive energy from our work left me feeling like a white water rafter, very focused and ready to take on the rapids that are the publishing business of the present day." - Camille Matthews, author of the QUINCY THE HORSE BOOKS

“Author Connections created the roadmap for me to market my novel Von Lagerhaus ( and Beth's counsel helped me to realize and to prioritize the right approaches for mine. Moreover, I believe I gained an important ally to help teach me a new business; she's well-connected, her publishing roots run deep, and she's an enthusiastic and honest partner. She's also kept in touch since completing the work Author Connections was contracted for, provides encouragement, and also tells me when she thinks I'm making a mistake. For people like me who can spell "Internet" but haven't had to understand the art and science of online marketing 'til now, AC's service is an excellent way to get educated and to get started.” - Dave Todaro, author of VON LAGERHAUS

“An editor must add value to the writer’s creation—Beth Kallman Werner does that really well. She sees a good manuscript and points out to the writer what will make it most compelling. I’ve enjoyed my six-week interaction of combing line-by-line, the 350 pages of CONCEALED BLOOD (50 hours of Skype conversations). Give me a better word than commitment to describe Mrs. Werner. I recommend Author Connections to any writer who is serious about making a lasting impression. CONCEALED BLOOD is a family saga novel on its way out—look out! Thank you, Beth.” - Enole Ditsheko, author of CONCEALED BLOOD

"Author Connections has been great to work with.  Beth Werner’s extensive knowledge of the publishing industry – everything from print on demand to the big publishing houses – was invaluable for a novice like me.  Beth was able to take me by the hand and lead me through the maze that is book marketing and make it understandable.  She has always been available to me when I’ve had questions or needed direction.  Thank goodness, because all those things I never would have thought of – Beth did!"   - Lee Bowers, PhD, author of BEFORE YOU SAY 'I DO' - Seven Essential Conversations

“Our daughter wrote and illustrated a children’s book during her Junior year of high school. Being complete novices in the book publishing world, we contacted Author Connections for help and guidance. Beth has been incredibly amazing. She began by taking the time to give us a “big picture” overview of the book publishing industry and what would be required to get published. Beth offered thoughtful editing suggestions and valuable marketing advice and ideas. Author Connections paid close attention to the details and made sure we stayed on track with whatever needed to be done, putting us in contact with the right people for the particular task at hand. We learned firsthand that the book publishing world is a labyrinth of requirements and demands; Beth helped guide us down its path with confidence and success. We would highly recommend Author Connections to anyone wanting to get their book published. You won’t find a better industry navigator and supporter than Beth Werner. Anyone who has written a book knows how intimidating it can be to approach agents and publishers. Author Connections is there to remove those fears and replace them with practical, steady guidance.  - Wayne and Holly Koberstein

“Beth is a first class brand marketing expert who always delivers what she promises. Her knowledge of media and her clients’ promotional needs is superb. Her intellect, integrity and enthusiasm are exceptional!” – Marty Simon, The Simon Group Agency

“Beth always knows the score. She is an expert at what she does and always gave me the best advice based on what I needed, not what she needed.” – Tim Adams, Dow Corning

“Beth has a thorough understanding of her customers’ marketing needs and creates high impact promotional packages to support overall objectives. Beth is experienced, enthusiastic and committed to product offerings that make the best fit for her clients.” – Barb Quinter, Greene Tweed

“Beth Werner is an outstanding marketer and a supportive partner. She was clear in explaining available offerings and worked closely with us to ensure we purchased packages that yielded results. Beth has strong integrity. She is always professional, yet demonstrates her human side and is a good person to talk with and work with. We have nothing but praise for Author Connections and wish Beth well.” – Randy Sablich, CEO Metrigraphics

“Beth is creative and hardworking. She pays close attention to detail and has an ability to work with diverse populations. Her fearlessness in embracing new challenges and overcoming obstacles provides key advantages to any clients she serves.” – Al Charne, NYC Bar Association

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