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A2Z Editing - Take your manuscript from rough draft to a finished product you’ll be proud to promote and sell. From structural overhaul to line editing, copy editing, and thorough proofreading. Rates range from $12 - $25pp.


Custom Book Marketing Plans (CBMP) - Many authors make the mistake of promoting books without any plan. When you approach marketing without a carefully crafted map, you can easily spend more than necessary and compromise your book's potential for success.

When you have a comprehensive plan that integrates the variety of promotion options available to you, the path to your book's success (and yours) is simpler, more fun, and more productive.

The Author Connections CBMP (Custom Book Marketing Plan) package will help you to:

• Define your book’s target audience
• Identify best channels to reach key readers
• Review TEN book promotion methods that will help build, reinforce and expand your platform to increase your fan base
• Select media options and opportunities specific to your book’s marketing needs and your personal capabilities
• Craft a custom marketing program based on your goals, skills, comfort, timeframe and budget
• Benefit from book marketing tips that have been researched, collected and sorted for you
• Take away a comprehensive, integrated book promotion checklist designed for simple execution

Why should book marketing be stressful? Let Author Connections help. Custom Marketing Plans: Single title = $2395; Multi-title = $3895


is an innovative book marketing and selling solution; easy to use and a powerful digital boost to any title. Upload information about your book and your biblet is ready to use. Quote reviews, share sample chapters, feature cover image, author interviews, book video trailers, audio book samples, and just about any other media to promote your book. Buy each biblet only once. Update as needed. For more information click here.

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To take advantage of any or all of these services, contact Author Connections at 570-686-1214 or Click here.

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